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WE BELIEVE the best things in life are shared with the community you play in!
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WE BELIEVE in putting yourself out there with the confidence of knowing you are shielded by our community of Superheroes!
Match.com, Online Date Rating Site
WE BELIEVE it’s ok to say, “Yes, definitely maybe!” to a first date then checking their CrayRate!
Rate An Online Date
WE BELIEVE in keeping things simple! Simple site, simple search on CrayRate and coffee for the first Date!
Online Dating, Be Safe See Your Date's Rate
WE BELIEVE in taking ownership of your life and doing a quick search- keeps you  smart from the start!
How Does Your Online Date Rate
WE BELIEVE in unicorns, soulmates, kismet and the magical powers of CrayRate!



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Is Your Online Date Too Good To Be True? CrayRate Tells You Who’s Who!!!



 Welcome To CrayRate!

Hi, you must be one of the millions engaged in online dating!  Then, you need CrayRate! We make Internet Dating simply super exciting!!

CrayRate is the only website developed to be paired with Any Dating Site and All Dating Apps. It’s designed to benefit the Online Dating Community by keeping you web-date-savvy from the start. Yep, we’re like YELP for Online Dating; rate your dates and watch over our “Datinghood!” Community! Thanks to CrayRate, Internet Dating just got super safe with a healthy dose of fun & excitement!

Here’s How:

CrayRate’s super strength comes from our Members who work together to share their personal dating experiences openly and honestly through our anonymous forum. Our Members post “Tipster Profiles” that expose the good, the bad and sometimes scary details about their interactions with people they met through dating websites: the same people you are chatting with today!

Our Members’ super-secret mission is to root out the “Great Dates” from the “Online Fakes.” It’s no wonder we call our members  “Superheroes”,  because their reviews and Tipster Profiles prevent you from making an Online Date mistake. Thanks to our Superheroes, you can be proactive and get the scoop on your date before it’s too late!

With CrayRate, you don’t have just one Superhero looking out for you. You have an entire community of Superheroes taking your safety to heart. And like all Superheroes, our members’ identities are kept 100% anonymous in order to protect the security and privacy of everyone who takes advantage of our service. You can be confident that your super secret is safe with us!

You’ve made it this far and now’s the time for you to join our “Datinghood!” Then, get out there and date, but first check your date’s CrayRate! Most importantly, be a Superhero and Report Great Dates & Fakes!! 

We exist to serve you.



Our Golden Rule: Keep it Real!

Express yourself openly. Your identity is kept confidential, so please, feel safe in telling the truth. Rate your Online Date. Was your date a prince, princess, or a frog? Did your date’s appearance and character match their online profile? Upload pictures, mugshots and documents that reveal your date’s true character. Please keep in mind that we are NOT a revenge site nor a forum to exercise your own secret crazy!


CrayRate’s mission is to make the dating experience exciting and as transparent as possible. We aspire to accomplish this by giving you a secure forum to discover and expose fraud and hidden threats posed by members of dating websites.


Be a Superhero, and please keep your Tipster Postings and Reviews Real!!



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How CrayRate Became My Calling!
I’m a bit of an introvert, a total nerd, painfully shy  and I was completely immersed in an unrelated internet startup. In an effort to create some balance in my life, I turned to online dating. I met some great guys…and I also had a traumatic experience. I learned quickly that members of online dating sites can easily hide behind usernames, never revealing their true identities or genuine intentions. Seeing the urgent need to make the environment safer, I halted all other projects and focused my full attention on creating a community that assists in navigating the rough sea of online dating and murky waters of catphishing. The result? CrayRate was born! Thank you for joining us! 
Don’t leave your Online Date to fate – CrayRate!!  CrayRate, Online date
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Welcome To Our “Datinghood!”

Date, Rate & Win!



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